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Helping Companies Say Goodbye to Their Payroll Headaches


For any business that has employees, payroll, much like sales, customer service, accounting, operations is considered a part of the engine that makes the business run. You shouldn’t think of it as a bi-weekly annoyance or a simple bookkeeping task. Payroll is how you reward and retain employees, compensating them for the work they have completed for your business. But when there are errors due to miscalculation, as a manager or owner you will find yourself dealing with unhappy, dissatisfied and even unmotivated workers. Calculation errors are not the only thing with which you have to deal. There are literally hundreds of tax codes and payroll regulations that you need to comply with and fully understand.

Manage payroll and access HR and employee services in one place


Save time

Spend time doing what matters most. We’ll calculate, file, and pay your payroll taxes automatically once payroll is complete

We’ve got your back

We can set up and do your payroll for you.will review your payroll setup or do it for you.

Get HR guidance on topics like compliance, hiring best practices, crafting job descriptions, and everything in between.

Better together.

Save time and energy: Your payroll and accounting data updates in real time.

Stay accountant ready: Easily share real-time payroll and accounting data with your accountant, anytime.

Easily manage your business

Access a full suite of HR and employee services, including health benefits (powered by SimplyInsured) and workers’ comp (powered by AP Intego), right from your payroll account.

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